As part of our activities, we also offer free film materials for educational purposes. You can receive a copy of our DVD and we can organise a film screening together with a talk on our work.

„Fair-haired province“

  • Poland, Germany 2010, 75 minutes
  • Director and writer: Jacek Kubiak, Klaus Salge, co-operation: Janusz Zemer.  

This is a documentary about the deportations of Polish citizens from lands incorporated into the Third Reich. The fate of hundreds of thousands of expelled Poles and Jews, as well as hundreds of thousands of ethnic Germans brought in their place from the Soviet zone of influence in Eastern Europe serve as a background for the story of the three main characters.

The characters include:

  • Helmut Zwi Steinitz, a Jew from Poznań; the only one in his family to survive the Holocaust. He comes back to Poland after 70 years to visit, among other places, the Bełżec extermination site;
  • Dieter Bielenstein, a German from Latvia whose family lived in Poznań in a property stolen from Polish people; even today he cannot reconcile himself to this injustice;
  • Henryk Jaszcz,an inhabitant of Poznań, who spent the war in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski to where he was expelled with his family and where he joined a conspiracy group.

Episodes of other witnesses, victims of the Nazi policy, are intertwined into the story.

“Fair-haired province” premiered internationally on the German-French TV channel ARTE (September 2009). “Le Figaro” described the films as a fascinating documentary about ethnic cleansing run by Hitler and Himmler. The French language version of the film is available on the Internet (see below). Moreover, the film was shown during numerous public screenings in Poland and in Germany.

Expellees 1939 …

  • TV series, 8 episodes, 13 minutes each, 2007/2008
  • Director and writer: Jacek Kubiak and Janusz Zemer

This is a nicely presented story of deportations, chronologically organised, starting with their genesis in the Russian-German agreements in 1939 and the nationality policy of the Nazis in lands incorporated into the Third Reich, through subsequent stages of deportation, exile in the General Government, to return in 1945 to frequently devastated and pillaged houses. The narration is built around the accounts of witnesses and victims of deportations, with added commentary from distinguished Polish and German historians.

The series was broadcast on TVP Poznań, and a 30-minute summary of it under the same title was shown a couple of times Channel 1 TVP and TVP Historia.


  • TV series, 6 episodes, 13 minutes each, 2008
  • Director and writer: Dorota Latour, Janusz Zemer, Jacek Kubiak

In subsequent series the authors focus on various aspects of daily life in Warthegau. The situation of Poles in lands incorporated into the Third Reich (Warthegau was the largest administrative unit in this area) was significantly worse than in other Polish lands under Hitler’s occupation. The Nazis wanted to fully germanise these areas, and deportations of Polish citizens were only one of their numerous methods.

The series has been broadcast a couple of times by TVP Poznań.