Deportations from lands incorporated into the Third Reich – Internet guide

Below we present, in particular for our volunteers and other people interested in history, a review of Internet resources than can help you to work on this topic yourself.

The following Wikipedia entries can form a good introduction to the deportations of Polish citizens from lands incorporated into the Third Reich:

Separate entries devoted to the so called Action Saybusch i.e. deportation from the Żywiec region:

and the organisation of deportations by the German side

It is worth noting that “oral histories” are becoming increasingly popular as a method for documenting recent history. The City Gate collection in Lublin, with testimonies of the city’s history constitutes one of the largest and most interesting collections of oral testimonies.

The same web page features an interesting introduction to methodological issues connected with “oral stories” as an interdisciplinary research and documentation technique.

Websites of the KARTA CENTRE, with its collection of oral testimonies, is also worth visiting, together with the History Meeting House in Warsaw and Remembrance and Future Centre:

Information on deportations, which are the main theme of the project, can be also found mostly in the context of other deportations during WW2, on the following web pages:

The expellees themselves and their families have united to preserve memories of German crimes. The Gdynia Expellees Association is one of the most active associations.

Additional information for the remaining associations can be found at: