Wilhelm Koppe

koppeWilhelm Koppe (*15 June 1896 in Hildesheim; †2 July 1975 in Bonn) High Commander of the SS and Police in Warthegau, in 1943 he was moved to Cracow to hold the same office.
He supervised the deportations of Polish citizens and persecution of Jews in Warthegau. He organised an extermination camp for Jews in Chełmno upon Ner, where 200,000 people, mostly Jews from Warthegau, lost their lives. He personally organised the killing of 2,000 (Polish and German) handicapped patients from a care centre in Działdowo. After the war he started a new life with a changed name: he became director of a chocolate factory. He was indicted in the 1960s, among other things for complicity in murdering 145,000 people, but he avoided trial due to poor health.