Rules for cooperation in the project of the Association of Polish Cities “Commemoration of deportations of Polish citizens from land incorporated into the Third Reich”

Schools, local cultural institutions (museums, remembrance chambers, libraries) local associations (e.g. associations of WW2 victims, local history associations), regional experts and historical collectors, as well as individuals are welcome to cooperate.

With the help of these partners, we want to document the local resettlement stories of Polish citizens in lands incorporated into the Third Reich, to collect accounts of the victims and their families, save souvenirs, testimonies and documents from oblivion. All the materials obtained from local partners will enrich our web page.

Applications can be filed via our website or by contacting a project coordinator directly.

Depending on needs, our local partners can be offered educational workshops on occupation history and deportations in lands incorporated into the Third Reich, journalistic workshops as help for volunteers in their inquiries and in editing materials for publication on our web site, as well as additional events, such as film screenings, lectures or discussion panels. We are ready to provide technical support for video-recording witness testimonies.